Photo of Barwell Barn at SOHO Farmhouse

New SOHO House opens in Chipping Norton

August 2015

Our friends at SOHO House opened their latest members club and hotel last weekend in Chipping Norton. 

We worked collaboratively with their design team, to provide two frames.   The first is a traditional green oak barn which we took to shell with stud work, panelling and a first floor deck.  The second is a sleek and modern design featuring an oak glulam frame for the new check in building.

The whole thing was opened with a big fanfare and (of course) a party, which you can read about in Marie Claire here.

SOHO House is an international business that provides members' clubs for people working in creative fields.  The new house, SOHO Farmhouse is a 100 acre estate and members' club near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

To see more, or book a room, visit their website here.